Walking in the Footsteps of the Brave

A Message from the Author,

When I was stationed at an Army hospital in Germany in 2005, I learned about the “Wereth 11,” eleven brave African American who fought in World War II. I was so moved by the history I helped to arrange the dedication of a monument in Wereth to honor and recognize these brave men and the Belgians who tried to shelter them before they were paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Although I remember the effects of racial discrimination, it was during a visit to the Holocaust Museum in Washington with my two nieces that I realized they had no understanding of World War II and the suffering that has been endured by both racial and ethnic minorities. Believing that even tragic events must be remembered so humanity will learn from them, I decided to write this book. I hope it inspires parents to teach their children to learn tolerance and to spread peace.

Major Lawanda D. Warthen


Endorsement from Joseph Small, Executive Producer, The Wereth Eleven

Children of the World,

This wonderful book by my dear friend Lawanda will help you to understand a terrible period in world history. During World War II, 50,000 people died in a war that destroyed 1,600 villages, towns, and cities in Europe and nearly destroyed a race of innocent men, women, and children.

You have to help make sure this never, ever happens again.

This is the true story of 11 African American soldiers who died to help bring peace and freedom to a large part of the world. The incredible thing is these brave men died a terrible death to defend millions of oppressed people when in their own country they were also oppressed.

Their sacrifice helped us all, and that is why it is so important that we remember them and honor them. The United States Army was desegregated shortly after the end of WWII, largely because of how well they served.

That is their legacy. Thankfully, after more than 60 years, the men who were the Wereth 11 are finally receiving the recognition that is so long overdue.

I hope this book will help you understand that we are members of one race–the human race–and that we must learn to live in peace and to love and respect one another.