TYSON: Thinker or Stinker?

Big fan of Tyson and I was just brainstorming ideas for a quick cartoon. After seeing the documentary Tyson my impression of Tyson as a brute was shattered, more like an idiot savant or straight up intellectual. If you can’t read the writing at the end, he’s reading Nietsche and thinking “Stupendifying!”


This is my first illustration video, and I am just learning how to do it. But I was very excited. In fact, I was so excited I didn’t do much editing at all just sped it up by 500%!

This is also the first time I’ve sketched digitally from scratch on a wacom tablet. I normally sketch by hand and scan THEN use my graphic tablet to go over the sketch. Drawing by hand comes a lot more naturally to me and the results are a lot better.

No prior experience with this screen capture software so I apologize for how amateur it is (no sound because I don’t have a mic yet). But, with a little practice, I think this tool is going to be a lot of fun.