Book Layout

The layout of a book is an important part of the self-publishing process that is often taken for granted. The way your text and images are displayed should be designed to create a logical and enjoyable reading experience. Creating a single, cohesive look and feel to complement a story is a craft within itself, and the difference between generating a template and having a professional customize your layout is unmistakeable. Regardless of how you choose to publish, you will need to  prepare your work to meet certain standards, we can help:

  • For print:  size and format book as a print-ready pdf.
  • For ebooks, we can make your book accessible on any reading device (ipod, kindle, iphone, etc.).
  • Customized Layouts to meet Print-On -Demand specifications.
  • All of our layouts are build from scratch, designed around your story. WE DO NOT USE TEMPLATES.
  • If you are creating a children’s book using our Illustration Services, our illustrator will help design your layout. We can include sketches, details from full page illustrations and a color scheme to match the artwork, so that each page will come to life.

Additional Services to embellish your layout and make it look more professional include: