‘Robots’ teaches kids the importance of sunscreen

  • Author:    By Shannon Brigham
  • Publication: The Post and Courier
  • Date: June 23, 2012
  • Section: Features

ROBOTS DON’T WEAR SUNSCREEN. By Eric Mills. Illustrated by Taillefer Long. Taillefer Long LLC. 56 pages. $12.99. We’ve felt it after long beach days. We see it repeatedly on innocent and unsuspecting Lowcountry tourists. Ah, sunburn, the seemingly inevitable downside of the outdoor lifestyle. But fear not.

“Robots Don’t Wear Sunscreen” is a colorful new children’s book whose inspirational tale of friendship, kindness and creative thinking also acts as a fun and effective introduction to the benefits of sunscreen for toddlers and early readers.

“Robots Don’t Wear Sunscreen,” by local author Eric Mills and illustrator Taillefer Long, tells of a beautiful summer’s day when two robot friends, Jake and Ilene, are packing for a day at the beach. They pack everything but the much-needed oil.

A great day at the beach turns disastrous when Ilene gets stuck in the sand, and Jake attempts to find oil before she short circuits in the sun.

With the assistance of new friends, Jake and Ilene discover that sometimes what you need is right under your circuit board.

Designed to build family bonds and bridge generations, this book’s main theme is the importance of relationships and of wearing sunscreen.

For more, visit sunscreenforrobots.com or find them on Facebook at facebook.com/IlluminatedStories.

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