The Middle-Men

If you are self-publishing there are a lot of companies to choose from, most operate in similar ways but they offer different packages to suit different requirements. Most of these companies offer the same services Illuminated Stories offers, bundled into packages that include every service imaginable. Here’s the catch, very few, if any, of the services are provided in-house – they are outsourced to the lowest bidders. What you end up getting is a service worth less than half what you are paying, without a direct line of communication. Since they are shuffling around thousands of authors at a time, you’ll end up getting the run-around on everything and will probably have about a dozen points of contact.

Here’s what they are good for. for managing fulfillment and distribution. There is very little quality-control, that’s where Illuminated Stories comes in.

We deliver files print-ready according to the POD company you decide to print with. In other words, they take what we provide them and print it out, with little room for error. Printing specifications vary, so we will need to know which company you decide to work with prior to initiating services.

The dirty little secret of the Print On Demand (POD) industry is that most of us use the same service to do the printing, and we all distribute our books through Ingram. So the quality of our books and the places to which we sell them are identical. The only real differences are the prices we charge, the quality of our customer service, and our business models.”


The basic cost of a POD service can be increased by additional costs not included in the initial package: renewal fees, distribution fees, extra charges for non-template cover designs, charges for corrections in proof, etc. Be sure, when you’re assessing a service, to check for these kinds of costs.


Some POD services have trouble with timeliness in book production and order fulfillment. Before choosing a service, it’s a good idea to scout for complaints, and to contact writers who’ve used the service.


AuthorHouse Looking for a self publishing company that will give you control throughout the book publishing process? AuthorHouse gives you more control. Get published with AuthorHouse.


Lighting Source At Lightning Source, we offer a print and distribution model for every publisher, every title and every situation. Because these are complete vertical integration models, a single communication drives the production process all the way to order fulfillment. Provide us with the quantity and the destination and we’ll handle all the necessary details.



Createspace CreateSpace provides free tools to help you self-publish and distribute your books, DVDs, CDs, video downloads and MP3s on-demand on and other channels


iUniverse iUniverse enables writers to become published authors. With leadership that brings expertise in publishing, sales, marketing and technology, iUniverse offers industry-leading self-publishing products and services. By offering a variety of affordable self-publishing, editorial and marketing services, iUniverse helps authors get their work into the marketplace.


Lulu lets you make, self-publish, print & sell print-on-demand books, eBooks, photo books & calendars. Free eBook publishing and book publishing with easy to use tools.


Outskirts Press Self publishing simplified. Keep 100% of your rights and 100% of your author royalties with the full-service book publishing services at Outskirts Press.


XLibris Xlibris provides a book publishing guide to writers and authors on how to publish a book through self publishing, and offers print on demand services.


Selfpublishing is a book publishing service for the independent self-publisher.  Editorial service, book layout and book cover design, book printing and book printers are all available for both trade books as well as color children’s books.  Self Publishining a book has never been easier.


IPG is the original and second largest independent book distributor in the United States. Our innovative publisher services, aggressive marketing, and extensive reach ensure access into every imaginable channel, including gift, specialty, wholesale, and digital accounts worldwide.