Planet Earth Gets Well

Kaplan’s Planet Earth Gets Well is presented in a child-friendly format with full-color illustrations by Taillefer Long on every other page. The story revolves around Planet Earth feeling sick with the fever of global-warming, and its Mother Nature nurtures with insights about the human’s little Earth plays with. For wee Planet Earth to take better care of himself, he must not let we humans do whatever we please, but rather should encourage us to take better care of him.

The relationship between the health of the planet and the people that live on it is clearly demonstrated for young readers, promoting this awareness as part of their earliest understanding of the world in which they live. Just as today’s children are born into a high-tech society, they also inherit many serious environmental concerns. Planet Earth Gets Well promotes responsibility along with a positive message that parents will be able to pass onto their children at an early age in the effort to create an eco-friendly and proactive generation.


“…not since The Lorax by Dr. Seuss has a whimsically illustrated book come along aimed at sparking serious conversation with kids about the depleted environment they could inherit if each and every one of us don’t continue to act.” –George Spyros

“I viewed samples of (Taillefer’s) work online, along with that of other illustrators and was immediately drawn to his colorful and stylized technique. I knew that Planet Earth had to be thought of as a childhood friend, someone readers would care about and identify with. Taillefer understood immediately what I was trying to achieve and we went through several iterations of the Planet Earth character before settling on the current rendering. We knew that once the main character had been achieved the rest of the illustrations would fall into place. I am grateful for the synergy that Taillefer and I developed. It was an extremely rewarding creative collaboration.” –Author interview with Page ONE

“The author of the book, Madeline Kaplan, is working now with Eco-Libris to green up this wonderful green children’s book. A tree will be planted for every copy sold at the book signing events and at other promotional sales. Readers who will buy the book on these events will also receive our sticker with their book, saying “One tree planted for this book”. Eco-Libris

Chicago Bulls Player Tyrus Thomas Reads Planet Earth Gets Well to StudentsAs part of the Read to Achieve Program, Bulls players will participate in a Reading Time-Out where they will read an excerpt of “Planet Earth Gets Well” a children’s book addresses environmental concerns in a child-friendly format. Planet Earth Gets Well’s partnership with Eco-Libris, a green business that works to balance out the paper used for books by planting trees, plants one tree for every book purchased. We are donating a total of 100 copies of this book to the library, thus planting 100 trees as a result of the project. The company includes book sleeve stickers made of recycled paper for every book they balance out that reads “One tree planted for this book”.

(Pictured: Chicago Bulls Player Tyrus Thomas Reads Planet Earth Gets Well to Students)