Let Me Tell You An African Tale 1

With a lively cast of characters and all the rich colors of West Africa, children’s author Joan Kelly retells a classic tale of friendship and giving in How the Leopard Got His Spots, the second title in her “Let Me Tell You an African Tale” series.For parents and teachers who enjoy sharing culturally significant and brightly illustrated stories with today’s youth, this fable offers heritage, tradition, and magic.

Deep in the lush forest, Leopard is not at all content with how he looks. He wants to add some pizzazz to his plain yellow coat, so when his friend Tortie the Tortoise suggests he go see Peacock, he leaps at the idea. Once Leopard arrives at Peacock’s he realizes that his not having spots is the least of their worries. Peacock is in a bit of a fix, which provides Leopard a chance to be a good citizen. Kindness brings kindness in return-just ask the leopard; it’s how he got his spots.


I love this book. It’s an old fable beautifully retold and illustrated. I can’t wait to read it to my grandchildren. I would recommend it to teachers, librarians and everyone who wants to entertain children with a charming tale that teaches a wonderful lesson. Amazon Reviewer


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