Clients & Feedback

“I think your art is wonderful. I continue to marvel over your work. If I wrote children’s books, I’d be knocking on your door.” –Patricia Cornwell

“The book’s illustrator, Taillefer Long, presents the main characters in electrifying colors. The facial expressions of the townspeople, the police force, and even the bad guys imply a multitude of feelings, even without a lot of dialogue. Officer Cherries, whose blue eyes match his uniform, and Hunter—a droopy-eared, droopy-eyed yellow dog with brown spots—are always on the job and happily keep Pumpkinville safe.” –Foreword Clarion Review

“The illustrations are so beautiful. So well done. So that leaves the plot. What a cute little story. It would be perfect for a bedtime story for your younger kids or a book to read with them as they get older. It’s not going to win any awards for plot by itself, but it’s well thought out and it shows that he really thought about his story and where it was going to go. I’d say this is in my top 5 kids books we’ve gotten in in the past couple of years. Well thought out, well plotted, well written, well edited and well illustrated. That’s a win!” Candy’s Raves

“Coudn’t resist another look at your latest version, and I just had to tell you, Taillefer, that this is so fun and exciting! Watching Lukas come to life under your hands is wonderful; you are very talented and his personality is already brimming with energy – I know everyone will love it…your work will brighten many people’s days. I put the first sketch on FB and it received rave reviews. When people see the 3rd sketch (I like to do it in stages so Lukas’ friends get an idea of the work that’s involved and appreciate the differences), I’m sure they’ll love it even more. (This latest one I’ll save for the weekend when Lukas gets over 4,000 imprints per picture in addition to his over 1,000 Twitter and Linked in pals). This is VERY important what you do, Taillefer, especially nowadays – giving people cheer.” –Karen Murdock

“New to self-publishing but determined to have the finest illustrations gracing May’s story, I searched, reviewed, contacted and ultimately interviewed a number of illustrators. I was so happy to find Taillefer’s portfolio on the SCBWI site. He has been a pleasure to work with from day one. Not only is his description above accurate, but if possible, he has done even more than this for me. Since he is also a writer, he “gets” what I am trying to do, thus – this TRULY has been a collaborative effort. In fact, several of his ideas were better than mine, and I’ve changed the manuscript to incorporate them. He takes pleasure I think, in delighting his customer. Though we are not finished with the project yet, I could not be more pleased with the results thus far.” –KC Frantzen

“…not since The Lorax by Dr. Seuss has a whimsically illustrated book come along aimed at sparking serious conversation with kids about the depleted environment they could inherit if each and every one of us don’t continue to act.” –Review for Planet Earth Gets Well

“Taillefer Long and I never actually met. I viewed samples of her work online, along with that of other illustrators and was immediately drawn to her colorful and stylized technique. I knew that Planet Earth had to be thought of as a childhood friend, someone readers would care about and identify with. Taillefer understood immediately what I was trying to achieve and we went through several iterations of the Planet Earth character before settling on the current rendering. We knew that once the main character had been achieved the rest of the illustrations would fall into place. I am grateful for the synergy that Taillefer and I developed. It was an extremely rewarding creative collaboration.” –Excerpt from an interview with Page ONE with Madeline Kaplan

“Wanted to thank you for doing such a good job on the cover, I LOVE IT.  I’m very happy with the results.” –Jason Hautala

“I love the drawing!  Exactly what I had in mind. Please tell the artist I think he is wonderful.” –Lyn Snyder

“These are absolutely brilliant illustrations, Taillefer has captured the book perfectly.” –Linda Carter

“I love all the illustrations, it is exactly how I pictured them.” – Brandie Woodward

“It is absolutely beautiful.”  –Penelope Ann Thomas