May On the Way

“Sometimes I start with a well-thought out plan, and sometimes, me being me, things just happen. In my imagination I’m on my way, heading anywhere. Because anywhere’s better than here. Which is why I’m staring at this latch. I’m going to escape today. I’ve been watching closely to see how they work it, though no one’s noticed. Humans… So unaware.”

This scrappy-but-sweet Schnauzer shows readers that dogs, too, get hurt, have fears, and want a place to belong. By persevering, remaining hopeful in dismal times, and keeping your nose to the wind for adventure, kids and dogs alike find a wonderful plan and hope for their lives. Engaging, energetic, endearing and highly recommended for kids of all ages.” Sandra Byrd, best-selling author of London Confidential and other books for teens and tweens.


“I cannot say enough good things about Taillefer Long. The collaboration has been excellent from my perspective. From the start, I sensed he wanted me to LOVE it. I gave him free rein with the manuscript and he got to work… Out of all the art you will see, there was only one illustration that didn’t grab me, though he tried several versions. Only one. Most of the rest took a bit of tweaking here and there but overall, I’m amazed at how he perfectly embellished the story. And as I recall, there were several that I said, “Step away from the drawing. Do not touch it. It is perfect as is.” Those were happy moments for us both! I feel sure I exasperated him at points but he didn’t let on. He’s a real gentleman and brilliant.

Q: Were you able to discuss your vision with the artist about how you saw the book cover or did you allow him free artistic rein?

A: As a bonus to me, he designed the cover and the actual book. Mind you, from what I hear in traditional publishing, there are departments for each of these, so what a blessing that I only had to deal with one person. Amazingly, the cover you see is the first concept he presented to me. Wow. It was entirely his concept. My request was that the photo of May figure prominently. (After speaking with various people, this seemed like a must.) This presented a challenge, because May on the Way is not a story told with photographs, it’s a book with hand-drawn illustrations. Furthermore, it is the first of a series, so he had to keep that in mind as well. I loved his concept from the start and it had good feedback from almost everyone. When a librarian was gracious enough to let me send it for comment, she said, “I’VE GOT TO HAVE IT!” So. I guess that’s good! Y’all can make up your own mind if we succeeded or not.

One of our objectives (the illustrator’s and mine) is to show what TRUE self-publishing can produce. We hope the quality of the book itself will knock your socks off, and we hope the story and illustrations will have May, the K9 Spy’s audience begging for more!


“May on the Way” — The Perfect Book for a Child to Read or to Read to a Child!

Here’s a Book a Child Will Love! It Expresses all the Right Values: Love, Respect, Patriotism, Courage, Honor, Duty & Caring.

Mystery Week: A K9 Spy’s Story

If you long for purpose, adventure, and a loving home, then you’ll have no problem relating to the spunky heroine of this clever book! May on the Way: How I Become a K9 Spy is the story of a little dog with a painful past who becomes part of something big.

Self-Publishing or Traditional

To self publish or try and go the traditional route – that is the burning question these days. For the next few weeks, I’ll be interviewing KC Frantzen about her new children’s book coming out in July 2011 and we’ll be talking about the wonderful, magnificent, May, the K9 Spy and her adventures.

KC has chosen to self publish her middle grade novel and the first book of the series is May on the Way: How I Become a K9 Spy. I’ll be interviewing her about the ups and downs of this process and for those who are also interested or just plain curious about how to negotiate the same path, let’s get started on the hike.