One thought on “Lowcountry Flooding Plan

  • Anonymous

    I find it really unsettling. It makes me sick to my stomach. Not your artwork but the underlying message of what people could take from the old testament which is to save a couple of pairs of animals/humans…esp. with people and all of their end of the world/2012 bullshit (if Al Gore predicts could happen with the Earth of mass flooding in low areas) what have you and leave the rest to drown (the rest being the sinners or the people who didn't do enough/pray enough/the reglious bullshit (as a Catholic I know it probably better than a protestant). But what sickens me is that there is no humanitarian effort, aka. save everything or help the common man (the poor schmuck stuck in the Good Year tire)…the good samaritan theme that you see MUCH MORE throughout the Bible, esp. in the new testament (much more than the Noah's Ark theme). I find your question you pose "What would Al Gore do"? off target, slightly. Al Gore is simple a fog horn. He's not a rescuer or a good samaritan. He's simply trying to warn people right now. When has he posed a plan? I have not seen his movie, though, so I could be wrong. He is asking us to stop a 300 lb. woman from not making a splash when she jumbs into a pool. Not gonna happen. What's the Common Man going to do? That's who is the hero in every event.

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