Light Switch to Heaven

Light Switch To Heaven is the delightful tale of Queen Itup and Pick Itup working tirelessly every night while you are sleeping to make the sky ready for the next day. 

As a child my father read me stories almost every night, but for me, that was simply the beginning. When the book closed and my eyes shut tight, that’s when the real adventure began. Come see where your imagination will take you as you discover the magical thing called the light switch to heaven. . . 

About the Author:Much like the rest of you, I came into this world kicking and screaming. Later in life, kicking and screaming turned into temper tantrums. Sound familiar? Honestly, maybe one of the only times I would ever shut up was when I was tucked into bed and read a goodnight story. It’s funny how at the age of 42, not only do I still remember those times, but I consider myself a better person because of them. I am very much a kid at heart, and am not ashamed to admit it. So here I am, sharing my story with anyone that will read it. In the end, it’s not about how many awards I have received or how many books I have sold. For me, it all comes down to this: If one child falls asleep smiling tonight and wakes up tomorrow with his imagination running wild, well. . . that’s perfectly alright with me.

About the Illustrator: Well, I was one of those children that would always fall to sleep reading stories and waking up each morning with his imagination wild, and it’s only become more rambunctious over the years. Whenever I hear stories or read a book, they immediately translate into a series of drawings in my mind: hence the short attention span and passion for illustration. I was fortunate enough to make a career out of this love and hopefully, inspire the imagination of others. When Pete first contacted me with his story, my inner child found a playmate, and we set forth on the wonderful collaboration that led to the publication of this book.