Learning to Sculpt Characters

This was my very first attempt to sculpt the protagonist from a children’s book I just illustrated. Since I was experimenting with the material, I kind of messed up the most important part, the wire armature. The wire I used was flimsy and once I added the weight of the clay to the head, the wire supporting the neck bent. Since I had already spent a fair amount of time working on the character’s likeness, I didn’t want to take it apart and redo the support. The position of the head isn’t ideal, but it’s acceptable for a first effort.

Another problem I ran into was that I was using old Sculpey clay. Even though they advertise it as not an air drying material, it becomes VERY hard to work the longer it is exposed. I had to buy more clay during the process and the job became A LOT easier with fresh clay. My fingers are still huring from working the old stuff.

I found Liz Lomax‘s site doing a google search, and it was exactly what I had in mind. Her site offers quick videos that show an overview of the process. Dan Perez also has a helpful website, detailing the material and process more thoroughly.


3D Illustrator Liz Lomax shows us how she sculpted rock legend Noel Gallagher of Oasis from a piece of wire, tinfoil, Super Sculpey and oil paint. Created and inspired by her love for Noel. Watch and enjoy!