Gwinnor’s Wings

  • Written by Bella Taylor
  • Illustrated by Taillefer Long
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One day, a fairy penguin named Gwinnor asked his mother, “Mum, am I a bird or a fish?”  His mother, looking somewhat baffled with his son’s strange question, answered him qui

“But Mum, how come I couldn’t fly like a bird?”

“Go and ask your father then”, his mother said.

Without wasting a minute, Gwinnor ran to his father, “Dad, am I a bird or a fish?”

His father moved closer to him and spread out Gwinnor’s wings and said, “Son, you see these wings of yours, this means that you are a bird.”

“Oh, thank you Dad for telling me, but I am still not convinced.  You see, no matter how hard I try, I still couldn’t fly like a bird.”

“Maybe if you go to bed early tonight, you will find the answer tomorrow,” his father replied.

Being an obedient son, he went to bed as told, said his prayers and slept soundly.

Gwinnor is a fairy penguin who is not sure if he is a fish or a bird. Although everyone he’d asked says that he is a bird, he was still not convinced because no matter how hard he tries, he just could not fly at all. All this changed when he met Mr. Cockatoo and suddenly, Gwinnor was flying high above the clouds with wings stretched like an eagle.