Getting Back in the Game

Using cool and funny food characters, this story will show kids that they have the power to make smarter life choices. Getting Back in the Game! also tackles many other important social issues that many kids face today, such as bullying, how to maintain a healthy diet, and exercising regularly. Other key messages include forgiveness and friendship between kids of different backgrounds. To provide parents and teachers a way to further engage our readers, the author has also included discussion points.
Herb D. Trainer tackles two of the most prominent and growing problems facing children in “It’s All About Choice: Getting Back in the Game!” childhood obesity and bullying. The story centers on the history of Danny Dixon, an excellent student, whose strong love for basketball is side-tracked by a family tragedy. Sad and misguided, he abandons sport and begins binging on junk food, which leads to excessive weight gain. When he’s finally motivated to get back in the game, a bully teases Danny and intimidates him into avoiding the neighborhood park. But Danny’s got bigger bullies to face down. Will Danny be lured by the cunning Blubba Hill Gang, a mob of greasy, fat food villains? Or can the Cardio Kidd, T-Mac, a buffed Macintosh apple and a poetry loving celery stalk, stop them from recruiting Danny into their growing legion of chunky kids? Herb D. Trainer creatively merges fantasy and realism, creating playful characters that introduce elements of fun and excitement to Danny’s challenging quest to fight fat. To purchase the hardcover or hardcover Limited Edition (numbered and signed by the Author) go to:


“Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities (HKHC) enthusiastically supports IAAC Media’s creative, energetic, and entertaining story, It’s All About Choice (IAAC): Getting Back in the Game! As a health promotion and overweight prevention program for children, HKHC believes in the importance of bringing messages of nutrition, fitness, and other life issues to children; Getting Back in the Game! does exactly this using colorful characters and catchy rhymes.” -Lara Khalil, MPH, RD, Project Director, Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities, Durham, NC Public Schools

“…endearing characters that will educate, entertain, engage, and empower healthy choices for the next generation. “Getting Back in the Game! will be a great addition to any elementary school’s reading list and library. I look forward to many more lessons from the Cardio Kidd and his gang of good guys!” –Judy Rudebusch, Ed.D. Superintendent, Irving, TX Independent School District

“Children can make their own healthy choices, and here to show them the way is Herb D Trainer, Author of “Getting Back in the Game”. It’s a book designed to help kids make the right decisions when it comes to eating and staying healthy! Awesome job!” -Steve Gallegos, CEO, WhoYa

“As founder of one of America’s most successful sports camps for boys and girls I have witnessed—first hand—the problems associated with obesity and poor nutritional choices among children. I highly recommend “Getting Back in the Game!” as a motivational, educational and inspirational tool for creating greater awareness of childhood obesity. Trainer’s book has great appeal for children and is an outstanding book for teaching our youth how to make healthier lifestyle choices.” -Ken Cochran, Founder, Heart of America Sports Camps

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend “It’s All About Choice: Getting Back in the Game!” Mr. Trainer’s book links the foundations of critical thinking skills (decision making, problem solving and reasoning) and positive character traits (responsibility, self-esteem, self-discipline, self-respect, tolerance). The book helps kids enhance their self-esteem by encouraging them to look and feel good inside and outside by eating right and getting enough exercise. I’m positive that it will be an asset to any school curriculum!” -Maria Moore, School Guidance Counselor, Newton County School System, GA