Tummyful of Butterflies

Ebilina the Elephant is about to set off on the greatest adventure of her whole life…a walk all by herself to her friend Keanu the Koala Bear’s house. Follow Ebilina on her first journey alone…and watch as she grows stronger and even braver along the way! Tummyful of Butterflies is the first adventure in the Ebilina series! These adventures showcase new strengths and coping mechanisms, helping guide parents, caregivers and children towards healthy approaches to life’s twists and turns.

Ebilina and Friend’s help young children (ages 3-7) resolve overwhelming emotions, eliminate negative thinking and develop strong problem solving skills.

This holistic approach teaches children that they have choices when it comes to solving life’s obstacles…and the most powerful often come from within!

Ebilina and her friend’s will make their introduction in Tummyful of Butterflies, first of ten books series. This is a book of choice, empowerment, and self-reward. The artful illustration and harmonious storyline will keep children intrigued and entertained while discovering methods of choice and balance.

Children, parents and caregivers will learn from the children’s series through:

  • Wellness tools as a coping platform, each building upon the last so when the series is complete the toolbox will be full
  • Practical, proactive tools to guide healthy recovery methods for children coping with physical symptoms and emotional unease
  • Guidance in healthful stress release
  • A fun practical way for parents and caregivers to identify with children’s fears and stress triggers
  • Tools for parents to encourage calming methods which allow children the choice to be happy
  • Soothing and calming melodic music CDs that can be played during a child’s “unwind” time

These gifts will:

  • Help with mind / body connection and awareness
  • Teach children how to “quiet their minds”
  • Promote better sleeping patterns
  • Help children understand / retain information taught in school and in life
  • Help with daily social interaction


“Don’t walk, run to buy this book, its so colorful and beautiful and the message behind is awesome! The pictures are so colorful,vibrant and so cute.”

“A great book for children, although adults might learn something as well! So much time and effort is spent teaching the “three R’s,” while the really important skills like coping with stress and anxiety are pretty much neglected. This book is a fun way to empower kids. Thanks Ms. Pertierra for this valuable contribution to children’s books.”

“Hey Kristyn!!! UPS delivered my copy of ‘Tummyful of Butterflies’ about 15 minutes ago. I read it immediately and absolutely loved it. It is a wonderful story and the illustrations are beautiful, but the message and the lesson that it teaches is truly inspirational. Your book could not have arrived at a better time. I was trying to deal with something that had me very upset. The book helped me to remember to calm down, focus and decide how I was going to deal with the issue. I think that your book will help people of all ages and not just children. This book is certainly a success… CONGRATULATIONS!!!”

“I can’t say enough words on this book, other than to buy and see for yourself. This book is so vibrant, colorful, awesome,awesome message behind it. Its the most colorful book I have ever seen. The pictures are so cute and big you can see every details….” Betty

“Inspiring book. This book even for children allows others to be touched by the art of alternative health. Being a father it’s great to see an author show inspiration in the form of a colorful children’s book like this. Recommend a must buy.”