Answers to What Ails You

Sometimes, the best path to a gratifying life is, curiously, AWAY from what you think you know. A new way of seeing the world can enrich your life experiences, whether you are working through challenging times or seeking to forge deeper relationships. Drawing from decades of clinical work, Blair H. Clark’s powerful and deeply a¬ffecting guidebook, Answers to What Ails You (AWAY), folds in his professional training, his work with clients, his relationships with loved ones, and other observations about his own journey. An illuminating roadmap to self empowerment, AWAY also primes you for increased resilience, so you can learn from life’s challenges. Tapping into new possibilities, you are better able to unearth potential answers to what ails you-and to what heals and strengthens you. Offering glimpses of Clark’s own journey, AWAY explores the sources of energy you may use and ways in which energy may be experienced that is extremely unique. By harnessing this energy, you open the door to discovering a wealth of worthwhile possibilities. Exercises to help develop skills to gain new perspective Personal stories that illuminate ways to navigate significant events Original poetry written by the author taking you to different levels Guidance on building resilience and tapping into new sources of energy Professional insight about how choices are made

About the Author

Blair H. Clark is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist, a husband; father, brother, son and fellow traveler based in Western North Carolina. His life journey has allowed him to work in diverse professional clinical settings, and with a range of, age groups, gifts and challenges. With more than thirty-three years of clinical experience, Clark is now co-founder and partner in Parkway Behavioral Health LLC which provides mental health and substance abuse services to low income residents of western North Carolina. Blair is one of six children and was born in Texas. By the age of eighteen, he had lived in ten states and four countries and traveled around the world. He has been writing poetry, short stories, as well as technical clinical manuals since college and graduate school in the mid 70s. Answers to What Ails You is his first book. Blair’s love for Kay, his wife of more than twenty five years, and his son Macon is reflected in some of the poetry found in AWAY.