A Family for Fritz

This is the story of a homeless and lonely dog awaiting adoption in an animal shelter. Day after day he watches while families come in to find a dog, the perfect dog for their family. And night after night he is still at the shelter. Will Fritz ever have a family of his own?

Our animal shelters are filled with dogs that need families. When a family searches for and finds that special dog, the one that is right for them… magic happens.

Lisa Brown Delgado has had a lifelong love of ‘all God’s creatures’ and has adopted many of them. In 1997 she found a very special little dog named Fritz and adopted him from the Town Lake Animal Shelter in Austin, Texas. He became her best friend and she has written this book in his honor. Lisa is the founder and former owner of All God’s Creatures Grooming in Pflugerville, Texas. She is the proud mother of three wonderful children and the grandmother of two beautiful little boys. She has recently completed nurse’s training and is currently working as a nurse in the Austin area. She writes children’s books in her spare time.