A Coconut in the Hudson (Coming Soon)

  • Written by Scott Hagen
  • Illustrated by Taillefer Long

The great Hudson River in New York has many wonderful things to see, including boats, barges, huge bridges, and even dolphins. But one thing you don’t see every day on the river is a coconut—until now! With delightful illustrations and plenty of information for curious kids, Scott Hagen’s illustrated children’s book, A Coconut in the Hudson explores the natural landscape of one river and how it is connected to places far away. It’s certain to engage beginning readers, as well as younger children who love a story read to them.

One nice day, Matthew and Andrew, with their mom and dad Peggy and Scott, set out on the Hudson River to kayak to New York City, traveling under the Brooklyn Bridge and landing in a park near the Statue of Liberty. They spot really big boats, enormous buildings, and buzzing helicopters. On the way, they find a coconut in the Hudson River. And, they name it Henry. Of course, they wonder where this strange and furry fruit came from—and how it got to their part of the world.

On page after page, the family starts wondering how the coconut ended up in the big river, and uses their imaginations to figure out its journey. They not only find the answer to all their questions, they get a few surprises along the way from their new coconut friend. They also discover how tides work and how different places can be. The book also invites children to visit a website to enter their own opinions on Henry’s origins, and, in the process, continue to develop their reading, writing, and typing skills. The children who guess the correct reasons could receive a $500 scholarship award.

Tapping into a young child’s natural curiosity and sense of adventure, as well as their love of everything that whirs along the river and in the sky, A Coconut in the Hudson both entertains and immerses beginning readers in a fun, funny world of learning. It’s an ideal way to open new vistas to the children in your life – and reveal how they are all interconnected, one coconut at a time!