Children’s Books


Custom IllustrationsHave you written a children’s story?

Many people dream of writing a children’s book. For those that have made time to write their manuscript, the dream is now more achievable than ever before. Publishing your book is no longer the challenge, the challenge is creating a book that will be true to your vision and that will stand out in today’s marketplace.

Illuminated Stories believes that each book should reflect the author’s unique vision and message and we approach each project as a collaborative, creative effort. We work with many first-time authors, offering experience, quality, and amazing customer support throughout the publishing adventure. Unlike the competition, lluminated Stories is all about open communication and transparency. You will be in direct contact with the person you are collaborating with throughout the project.

Work with an experienced, professional illustrator, choosing from a wide range of styles. The illustration process is set up so that you are involved in every step of the process, to ensure that you are completely satisfied.

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