• Freeze SketchEssential to any production or product pitch, storyboards are a simple way to add a visual dimension to your narrative.
  • The storyboard process for a Children’s Book illustrator is a basic layout of all the illustrations.
  • It is a brainstorming tool for the illustrator to create a framework with which to work with the author.
  • It is a great tool to figure out if the author and illustrator are on the same page about the vision and the narrative.
  • The first step of the storyboard is generally done as a series of quick sketches.
  • From these sketches the author should get an idea of the composition for each drawing, the setting and focal point of each scene.
  • After the initial Character Sketches are approved, the next step is to determine the composition of the drawings and how the narrative will flow visually: the Storyboard Phase is underway.
  • You should think in broad terms such as determining if the right message is being conveyed or if the central focus of the image is helpful to the story’s narrative. If the general layout of the image works for you, then the illustrator begins to work in the details of the drawing. The characters should become more defined as well as the setting.
  • A quick pencil sketch of the basic composition and layout of the illustrations. It is important for the emphasis of each illustration and to establish the setting.

  • The majority of editing will occur at this point.
  • Sometimes the entire style has to be changed to meet the author’s vision.
  • The reason that the first sketches are so unfinished is to allow for major changes and do-overs.
  • The closer the author and the illustrator are to seeing the story the same way, the more defined the sketches will be. It is not uncommon for the storyboard to take a few times to fine-tune.
  • When the storyboard sketches are clear enough to understand the direction the drawings are moving in, we are ready for the Line Art Phase.

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