Line Art

Line Art ExampleThe line drawings are clean, detailed drawings that include all elements of the illustrations.

  • After the initial sketch is approved, a line-drawing is done in ink, including all drawn elements of the final illustrations.
  • The Line Art Phase involves cleaning up the approved sketches, an ink outline replaces the sketch marks.
  • Ideally, the characters and conposition of the drawings should be finalized by this point.
  • Since ink is harder to correct, the idea is for there only to be minor additions and improvements done.
  • The illustrator may opt to keep the drawing as a sketch until there is a final verdict on the characters and setting. If drawing by hand, major revisions to a line drawing, could mean a whole new drawing (a lot more work).
  • Depending on the complexity of the composition, I may include a value study along with or following the line drawing. This is mainly helpful to the illustrator in studying the tonal differences prior to coloring. Ideally, the author will have only minor revisions at this point of the process.

*If the service requested is for Black and White Illustrations than this is the final step, upon approval of the proof, the final print-ready digital file will be submitted.


Low resolution proofs for each phase will be submitted as one PDF containing all illustrations cropped down to trim size at 72 DPI), delivered digitally, via email.