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Can you make money by self-publishing?

Can you make money by self-publishing?. Your chances of getting a book published are pretty small. So why not go down the self-publishing route? Finishing your novel is just the first hurdle. Finding an agent or publisher willing to read your work and shortlist it and have it published is […]

U.S. Editors Survey the German Publishing Scene

U.S. Editors Survey the German Publishing Scene. While U.S. publishing houses sell a great deal of books to foreign countries, making many American books international bestsellers, the U.S. buys in very few. In fact, the percentage of published translations is extremely low, around just three percent. The German Book Office […]

Trajectory Focuses on E-books, Children’s Content, Global Distribution

Trajectory Focuses on E-books, Children’s Content, Global Distribution. Founded in late 2011 by group of digital publishing veterans, Trajectory is a digital publisher and technology developer based in Cambridge, Mass. The company recently released digital editions of the original Classics Illustrated comics line and plans digital editions of the previously […]

Self-Publishing Resources

Books news and publishing industry statistics | Self-Publishing Resources. Seems like a great resource

Self Publishing: Vanity or Common Sense

Advent of the Electronic Writer. There was a time, back when publishing houses had  good reputations, and reading books was a general pastime, that self-publishing was unthinkable to an earnest writer determined to create a niche in whatever genre he or she had chosen.  Whether it was fine literature or […]

‘Robots’ teaches kids the importance of sunscreen

Author:    By Shannon Brigham Publication: The Post and Courier Date: June 23, 2012 Section: Features ROBOTS DON’T WEAR SUNSCREEN. By Eric Mills. Illustrated by Taillefer Long. Taillefer Long LLC. 56 pages. $12.99. We’ve felt it after long beach days. We see it repeatedly on innocent and unsuspecting Lowcountry tourists. Ah, sunburn, the seemingly […]

Walking in the Footsteps of the Brave

A Message from the Author, When I was stationed at an Army hospital in Germany in 2005, I learned about the “Wereth 11,” eleven brave African American who fought in World War II. I was so moved by the history I helped to arrange the dedication of a monument in Wereth to honor and […]

Footsteps of the Brave

Google + Page

Haven’t figured this whole new platform out yet but if Google is behind it, it will get some traffic! Illuminated Stories Google+ Page

Why Sharing Stories Brings People Together | Psychology Today

In high school, a teammate on my track team told me about the big oak tree in his backyard when he was growing up. One day, his older brother climbed way up into its branches and then called for him to come over. Happy that his bigger brother wanted to […]

Why It’s Hard To Stop Believing In Santa Claus | Psychology Today

When, as a child, I first encountered the idea that Santa Claus might not be real, I balked. Usually, I looked up to older, wiser kids, but they seemed naïve to suggest that my parents were actually stuffing my stocking. Why, on December 24th, would the weatherman bother using his […]

The Secrets of Creative Collaboration, Corporate Culture Article

Great groups have shaped our world, from the gathering of young geniuses at Los Alamos who unleashed the atom, to the youthful scientists and hackers who invented a computer that was personal as well as powerful. That should hardly surprise us. In a society as complex and technologically sophisticated as […]

Deadly Satire

        Im Bild: Die Mohammed-Karikaturen aus Jyllands-Posten. Here is a link to the cartoons that sent the Muslim world into a frenzy.

An Illustrated Guide: About this site

An Illustrated Guide is a review site of notable picture books. For almost a decade we have collected a library of offbeat, fantastical illustrated children’s books and now we enjoy reading them to (and protecting them from!) our two pre-school-age daughters. The books reviewed here are our personal favourites because, […]

Wacom’s Inkling Coming Soon!

Inkling bridges the gap between traditional, freehand sketching and digital development by capturing a digital likeness of a pen-on-paper sketch.

Wacom Inkling

Businesses find they can’t grow without branding – The Washington Post

Businesses find they can’t grow without branding – The Washington Post. By V. Dion Haynes, Published: July 31 “These days consumers are driving the public perception of companies, offering their sometimes not-so-flattering reviews of products and services through blogs, Web sites and social media. Companies are responding to the public’s demand […]

Christian Art for Children by Madeleine L’Engle

Whether a story is to be marketed for grown-ups or for children, the writer writes for himself, out of his own need. Otherwise, the story will lack reality…. If it is written because it is what is at the moment fashionable, and not out of the writer’s need, then it is apt to be unbelievable, and what is unbelievable can often be shocking and even pornographic–and this includes some recent children’s books….

The World of Storytelling is Changing!

This new annual event is unique in the children’s book calendar and marks an exciting new era of digital publishing . The way children find, enjoy, play and share stories is changing and TOC Bologna sets out to bring a whole mixture of professionals together for the first time to discuss and share the ideas and events around digital books that are changing before our eyes.

Bologna Children’s Book Fair

28 March through 31 March 2011, 48th edition All information copied from official website without permission, for informational purposes only PRESS RELEASES The Countdown for the 2011 Children’s Book Fair has Begun (pdf) Link to Program The Bologna Children’s Book Fair is the most important international event dedicated to the children’s […]