Illuminated Projects

A selection of projects we have collaborated on. Included are examples of our interior layout, cover design and illustrations.

Bubba the Cat

Bubba the Cat

“When Grandma came to visit me and my cat, Bubba, and I ran out to see. Her car drive up and park at our house. Bubba stayed at my side, still as a mouse.”

Bubba the cat and Bubba and Grandma are stories in narrative verse about a real life cat adventure. Suitable for ages one to onehundred or anyone who loves cats.


Written by Leonor Testa-Feliciano Illustrations Contributed by Taillefer Long Purchase Sarimanok An introduction to the spectacular culture of the Philippines examining various aspects including climate, farming and industry, history, religions, food and peoples. Contains full color illustrations and photographs in 33-page interior depicting Filipino culture. This book, first in the […]

Sarimanok Book