Illuminated Projects

A selection of projects we have collaborated on. Included are examples of our interior layout, cover design and illustrations.

Walking in the Footsteps of the Brave

Written by Lawanda Warthen Illustrated and Designed by Taillefer Long Buy the Book! Facebook Fan Page Children of the World, this wonderful book by Major Lawanda Warthen of the United States Army, will help you to understand a terrible period in world history. During World War II, 1.5 million people […]

Walking in the footsteps of the brave

Pink is Just a Color and so is Blue

Pink is Just A Color and So is Blue

Written by Niki Bhatia Illustrated by Taillefer Long Buy the Book! Facebook Author Blog You’re a boy who likes pink? Great! You like to play with dolls? Fantastic! Your best friend is a girl—and she likes to crash cars, build things, and play pirates? Awesome! Playing is about having fun, exploring […]

Winners, Are You One?

Written by Liv Giacomo Digital Coloring by Taillefer Long Click Here to Purchase Through a series of simple real life stories, this little book demonstrates some very important lessons for young children. Polly the Penguin leads us through the process of becoming Winners ! Acceptance of others, honesty and integrity […]


Professional Book Cover Design

Light Switch to Heaven

Written by Pete Siegel Illustrated and Designed by Taillefer Long Purchase Light Switch to Heaven Light Switch To Heaven is the delightful tale of Queen Itup and Pick Itup working tirelessly every night while you are sleeping to make the sky ready for the next day.  As a child my […]

Satya and the Sun (Bilingual Book Cover)

Written by Marzia Bisignani Cover Illustration and Design by Taillefer Long Satya and the Sun on FACEBOOK Purchase Satya and the Sun (iPhone and iPad) Satya is afraid of the dark. Her quest to find the place where the sun never sets leads her on a magical adventure around the […]

Satya e il Sole

Lucy the Tortoise

Lucy the Tortoise

Written by Sheila Rockley Art and Design by Taillefer Long Buy the Book! Everyone needs an adventure now and then . . . even a tortoise. In this tale, Lucy the Tortoise tells young readers how a chance encounter with a mischievous back-flipping bunny leads her on an escapade out […]

I Want to do Yoga Too

Written by Carole P. Roman Illustrations by Taillefer Long Buy the Book! Author Website Hallie and her mother go to the yoga studio. Hallie wants to join her mom’s yoga class, but she isn’t allowed. She complains to the babysitter, who gently guides her through four yoga poses. Hallie learns […]

I Want To Do Yoga, Too

Gwinnor’s Wings

Written by Bella Taylor Illustrated by Taillefer Long Buy the Book! One day, a fairy penguin named Gwinnor asked his mother, “Mum, am I a bird or a fish?”  His mother, looking somewhat baffled with his son’s strange question, answered him qui “But Mum, how come I couldn’t fly like […]

Gwynnor Children's Book

Robots Don't Wear Sunscreen Spread

Robots Don’t Wear Sunscreen

 Written by Eric Mills Art and Design by Taillefer Long Click here to Purchase Robots Don’t Wear Sunscreen Official Website Facebook Fan Page Robots Don’t Wear Sunscreen is a heart-tugging tale of friendship and kindness that will delight children and adults alike, teaching key virtues such as resiliency, effort, and […]

Cleopatra’s Chocolate Cake

Written by Amin Meleika Illustrated by Taillefer Long Purchase Cleopatra’s Chocolate Cake A delightful story of an 8 year old William,who like other boys wants to imitate his father,and get to know what he really does. The father, an archeologist working for the British museum,is equally amused and intrigued by […]

Cleopatra's Chocolate Cake

Haiku Stat

Haiku Stat: Cover Illustration

Purchase Haiku STAT!: A Poetic Look at the Harsh Realities of Emergency Medicine. Japanese poetry meets a politically incorrect look at life, death, and suffering in the Emergency Department. A collection of hundreds of Haiku about topics ranging from Adult Protective Services to Ventricular Tachycardia. Also includes a Glossary of […]

A Coconut in the Hudson (Coming Soon)

Written by Scott Hagen Illustrated by Taillefer Long The great Hudson River in New York has many wonderful things to see, including boats, barges, huge bridges, and even dolphins. But one thing you don’t see every day on the river is a coconut—until now! With delightful illustrations and plenty of […]

Coconut in the Hudson

Tummyful of Butterflies

Tummyful of Butterflies

Written by Kristyn Pertierra Illustrated by Taillefer Long Purchase Tummyful Of Butterflies App now available for iPad and iPhone Ebilina and Friends on Facebook Ebilina the Elephant is about to set off on the greatest adventure of her whole life…a walk all by herself to her friend Keanu the […]

A Family for Fritz

A Family for Fritz

Written by Lisa Delgado Art & Design by Taillefer Long Purchase A Family for Fritz This is the story of a homeless and lonely dog awaiting adoption in an animal shelter. Day after day he watches while families come in to find a dog, the perfect dog for their family. […]

Answers to What Ails You

Written by Blair H. Clark Illustrations by Taillefer Long Purchase Answers to What Ails You Sometimes, the best path to a gratifying life is, curiously, AWAY from what you think you know. A new way of seeing the world can enrich your life experiences, whether you are working through challenging […]

Answers to What Ails You

Rah Rah Herman

Rah Rah Herman (Coming Soon)

Written by Lori Pines Illustrated by Taillefer Long Vibrant and witty, Rah, Rah, Herman! is a deliciously funny tale with a powerful lesson in kindness that is sure to delight fun-loving, creative kids. Herman lives with his mom and dad and little brother Robby, whom he loves very much. There’s […]

Mary Jane's War Cover

Mary Jane’s War: Second Edition

Mary Jane’s War by Joe B. Roles is a Civil War novel based upon a true story. Mary Jane’s husband died from wounds received in The Battle of New Market during The Civil War. She took a pair mules and a wagon 120 miles over mountains and through enemy lines during the winter of 1865 to recover her husband’s remains and bring them home to Monroe County WV for burial.

Planet Earth Gets Well

“…not since The Lorax by Dr. Seuss has a whimsically illustrated book come along aimed at sparking serious conversation with kids about the depleted environment they could inherit if each and every one of us don’t continue to act.” -George Spyros

Planet Earth Gets Well Cover

Getting Back in the Game cover

Getting Back in the Game

Using cool and funny food characters, this story will show kids that they have the power to make smarter life choices. Getting Back in the Game! also tackles many other important social issues that many kids face today, such as bullying, how to maintain a healthy diet, and exercising regularly.

Pearl the Motorcycle Girl

Written by Rebecca Jamison Illustrated by Taillefer Long When loveable little motorcycle, Pearl discovers the beauty of movement in everything around her, she also finds her own style of self-expression: dance. The confidence she feels in this self-discovery helps her to connect with others sharing her passion. When called upon […]

Clyde the Glyde Cover

Clyde the Glyde and the Carnival Ride

Clyde the Glyde and the Carnival Ride is the second in the widely acclaimed Clyde the Glyde children’s stories by Rebecca Jamison. Carnival Ride is an imaginative tale that teaches valuable lessons about honoring and respecting each other’s differences, while reminding us of the similarities we all share. This book […]

Mister Doppelganger

Written by Linda Carter Illustrations and Cover Design by Taillefer Long Mister Doppelganger: A Ghost Story by Amy Freeman is the ‘ghostwritten’ account of one fiery pre-teen’s adventures, or is that misadventures, with her friends when they vow to unravel the secrets surrounding their mysterious and cantankerous schoolteacher, Mister Doppelganger. […]

Mister Doppelganger

Harvel Goes to the Farm

Harvel Goes to the Farm

Written by John Pate Illustrated by Taillefer Long CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE John Pate’s breathtakingly raucous children’s picture book, Harvel Goes to the Farm, is irreverent and wise. In a similar vein to Everyone Poops and The Gas We Pass, Pate shares the utterly fabulous, wildly original tale of Harvel, […]

Lloyd the Goat

Written by Brandie Woodward Illustrated by Taillefer Long Lloyd is a sweet young goat that moves to a new farm with a new family. Lloyd becomes best friends with a sweet box turtle named Phil, while she shows him how life goes on the farm with all the other animals. […]


May On the Way

May On the Way

This scrappy-but-sweet Schnauzer shows readers that dogs, too, get hurt, have fears, and want a place to belong. By persevering, remaining hopeful in dismal times, and keeping your nose to the wind for adventure, kids and dogs alike find a wonderful plan and hope for their lives. Engaging, energetic, endearing and highly recommended for kids of all ages.” Sandra Byrd, best-selling author of London Confidential and other books for teens and tweens.

The Policeman and Dog…

Filled with whimsy and adventure, The Policeman and the Dog Who Always Caught the Bad Guys is a fast-moving thriller perfect for fun-loving, crime-stopping kids. In the wonderful, small town of Pumpkinville, bad guys, crooks, and villains never get a break.

The Policeman and the Dog Who Always Caught the Bad Guys