1. Logo Design
  2. Promotional Website

Whether you are self-publishing or pitching your book to editors, packaging and placing your product is essential to getting your book into the right hands.

A lot of authors get caught up in the creative process of writing their book yet, any writing coach will tell you, that you should always have your target audience in mind. Second only in importance to the actual writing of your manuscript is the marketing. Marketing is a pretty broad term but in our case it means how package your product and the venues through which you sell.

Branding your book, creating a consistent look and feel for your product is tantamount in today’s market. A brand is like a personal signature, symbolizing credibility and organization.

Publishing a book is a business and every good business has a recognizable Logo and image that represents the quality that your customers can expect.

Ideas for Promotional Material:

I can help you design a wide range of promotional material to help you sell your product. Solutions for promotion, branding, and marketing include:

  • Life-Size Mascots designed from Character
  • Posters and Banners
  • Business Cards
  • Coloring Books
  • Invitations, Announcements and Postcards
  • Clay Sculptures from Character
  • Wristtbands
  • Ad Campaigns for Magazines and Web
  • Packaging Design
  • CDs, Covers and Labels


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