The Policeman and Dog…

Filled with whimsy and adventure, The Policeman and the Dog Who Always Caught the Bad Guys, written by seven year-old Miles Pines when he was only six, is a fast-moving thriller perfect for fun-loving, crime-stopping kids. In the wonderful, small town of Pumpkinville, bad guys, crooks, and villains never get a break. With Officer Cherries and his pet police dog Hunter in charge, lawbreaking robbers are kept on their toes. What’s even better is when Officer Cherries and Hunter catch a criminal—the whole town celebrates. There are mouth-watering slices of the world’s best pumpkin pie for everyone, along with special blended “juice concoctions” to wash them down. When a tornado rips through Pumpkinville, the jailhouse is destroyed and five fugitives are on the run. The citizens of Pumpkinville can’t help but be alarmed, but with Officer Cherries and Hunter hot on the escapees’ trail, there’s no reason to panic. As good triumphs evil and a town is, once again, made safe, there really will be cause for a yummy celebration.



“The book’s illustrator, Taillefer Long, presents the main characters in electrifying colors. The facial expressions of the townspeople, the police force, and even the bad guys imply a multitude of feelings, even without a lot of dialogue. Officer Cherries, whose blue eyes match his uniform, and Hunter—a droopy-eared, droopy-eyed yellow dog with brown spots—are always on the job and happily keep Pumpkinville safe.” –Foreword Clarion Review

“We have kids. That means we have a lot of kid’s books – which means that I stubbornly believe that I’ve read them all. So, when the publishing assistant gave me this book and asked me if I wanted to read/review it, I took it, glanced at it and though “yeah, another person writing a children’s story with too long of a title… whatever”. I plopped the book over on the side of the table facedown and went to turn around to do something. It was then that I noticed the photo of the author. I did a double take (no, really). It’s a kid! Dude, a six year old wrote this book!

That got my attention because, honestly, I wasn’t sure I believed it. I mean, yes, a six year old could totally write a book, but I found it hard to believe that he did it by himself. I flipped through it real quick, but it fell to the pile for a few weeks before I remembered it and dragged it out to read it. I wasn’t sold on it until I saw the word “concoction” in there twice. Yes, it’s a big word, but thinking back, I can remember my kids at that age wanting to make “concoctions” so it fit so well. The fact that it’s a juice concoction, just made it all the more fabulous.

The writing is very good for a six year old – actually far better than some adults I’ve read lately, if I’m being honest. I did ask some questions of the assistant and was told that yes, he had an editor and they went through that process. It shows; it’s well polished, but whomever they hired to do it did an excellent job because it still feels like a book that was written by a child, but just polished up. Kudos to them.

The illustrations are so beautiful. So well done. So that leaves the plot. What a cute little story. It would be perfect for a bedtime story for your younger kids or a book to read with them as they get older. It’s not going to win any awards for plot by itself, but it’s well thought out and it shows that he really thought about his story and where it was going to go. I’d say this is in my top 5 kids books we’ve gotten in in the past couple of years. Well thought out, well plotted, well written, well edited and well illustrated. That’s a win! by Candy’s Raves

I would highly recommend this for people with kids – not only is it a cute book, but ya know… it shows that kids can publish their own books as well. I think that is a good lesson in and of itself.