Planning on Publishing
What Is Self-Publishing? Simply put, self-publishing means you are responsible for all aspects of production, marketing and distribution of your book. This is not to say that you have to perform every task, but you do have to make sure each task gets done – and you will bear […]

Introduction to Self-Publishing

Book Cover Design
Book covers are hard to design and involve being both eye-catching and telling of the story’s narrative. For this reason, template designs are a sad joke to anybody with design experience. Much like using clip art to illustrate your story, using a template has the very opposite effect that an […]


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To self publish or try and go the traditional route - that is the burning question these days. For the next few weeks, I'll be interviewing KC Frantzen about her new children's book coming out in July 2011 and we'll be talking about the wonderful, magnificent, May, the K9 Spy and her adventures.

Self-Publishing or Traditional?

Written by Liv Giacomo Digital Coloring by Taillefer Long Click Here to Purchase Through a series of simple real life stories, this little book demonstrates some very important lessons for young children. Polly the Penguin leads us through the process of becoming Winners ! Acceptance of others, honesty and integrity […]

Winners, Are You One?

Professional Book Cover Design
Written by Pete Siegel Illustrated and Designed by Taillefer Long Purchase Light Switch to Heaven Light Switch To Heaven is the delightful tale of Queen Itup and Pick Itup working tirelessly every night while you are sleeping to make the sky ready for the next day.  As a child my […]

Light Switch to Heaven

Lucy the Tortoise
Written by Sheila Rockley Art and Design by Taillefer Long Buy the Book! Everyone needs an adventure now and then . . . even a tortoise. In this tale, Lucy the Tortoise tells young readers how a chance encounter with a mischievous back-flipping bunny leads her on an escapade out […]

Lucy the Tortoise

I Want To Do Yoga, Too
Written by Carole P. Roman Illustrations by Taillefer Long Buy the Book! Author Website Hallie and her mother go to the yoga studio. Hallie wants to join her mom’s yoga class, but she isn’t allowed. She complains to the babysitter, who gently guides her through four yoga poses. Hallie learns […]

I Want to do Yoga Too

Gwynnor Children's Book
Written by Bella Taylor Illustrated by Taillefer Long Buy the Book! One day, a fairy penguin named Gwinnor asked his mother, “Mum, am I a bird or a fish?”  His mother, looking somewhat baffled with his son’s strange question, answered him qui “But Mum, how come I couldn’t fly like […]

Gwinnor’s Wings

Freeze Sketch
Welcome to Illustration Friday! Illustration Friday is a weekly drawing challenge and participatory art exhibit. Every Friday a new topic is posted and you have one week to come up with your own, unique interpretation. Anyone who likes to draw, paint, sculpt, doodle or color can participate in Illustration Friday. You don’t need to be […]

Illustration Friday: Freeze

The Hindu : Arts / Books : My self-publishing journey. How to self-publish and market your book online and have the time of your life. RASANA ATREYA Early this year the unpublished manuscript of my novel, Tell a Thousand Lies, was shortlisted for the 2012 Tibor Jones South Asia prize. […]

My self-publishing journey

Robots Don't Wear Sunscreen Spread
 Written by Eric Mills Art and Design by Taillefer Long Click here to Purchase Robots Don’t Wear Sunscreen Official Website Facebook Fan Page Robots Don’t Wear Sunscreen is a heart-tugging tale of friendship and kindness that will delight children and adults alike, teaching key virtues such as resiliency, effort, and […]

Robots Don’t Wear Sunscreen

Can you make money by self-publishing?. Your chances of getting a book published are pretty small. So why not go down the self-publishing route? Finishing your novel is just the first hurdle. Finding an agent or publisher willing to read your work and shortlist it and have it published is […]

Can you make money by self-publishing?